Despair Lyrics


Despair Lyrics by Heresy From English Album Never Healed ep with Lyrics Meaning & Knowledge. Latest Despair Song lyrics written by Heresy. The Music video has been Release on 27 May 2023 .

Despair lyrics

A country is swamped with hunger
Children dying from disease
Riddled with grief and torment
The burden of starvation breeds
Continuously plagued by craving
For food and medical supplies
In a country so ravaged by famine
There are so many desperate lives

Millions in despair

Millions neglected and dying
What hope do they have left
They’ve stolen their choice o living
And now they’re suffering from that theft
Trying so hard to fight off the hunger
That has plagued thеm for so long
How can there be lovе
In a world of so much wrong

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