Encore Lyrics

Encore Lyrics


Produced By: Shackles
Release Date: August 28, 2013

Encore Lyrics


(They said they wanted more) x4

[Verse 1]
The takeover’s ’bout to begin
This cat will pounce with a grin
Any mouse best learn to bow to a king
The breakdown an ounce for the cling
This crowd will learn to frown from a grin
Best flow or drown when you swim
Fam bow to a king
Cause I’m the big shark
In the sea these trout surrounding my fins
Better catch up
It’s unfair
Show no fair
Manna like this don spit so clear
Crystal meth flow piff so neck pro sick
I’m never have to spit all year
Approach with caution pit bulls here
All bite, no bark that risk so clear
Manna ask why is my wrist so clear
Cause my shit don’t tick down here, I’m the controller
I’ve got it down to a key steamroller
I roll around on my peeps, no poser
I put it down for my team encona flow
Heat surrounding my beef
Dem manna move bookey
All games can’t hear when you speak don truly
I think the whole scene’s full of bare gems and rubies
Don’t include me
Silly actors with the Hollywood lives
I’ll score on your movie
Too bad your babes knew me
I made her wet and bubble no jacuzzi
Yes, she covets and gets down no roofies
Yep my best bet, your spouse is a groupie
New ting I’ll test it out on a new tree
New flow I’ll test it out on a new beat
Use doms and press one out on her boobies

[Verse 2]
I’m a sick prick
Clocks go tick tick
And if she’s fit, shit
I’ll quickly rinse it
Number in my phone no long
There’s no need for prolong
Me I’m the best of misfits
Run rings round teams
Pills and raps, no cling for the feinds
Got ’em all cattin for the king so queens, best squeeze in
More time in the rave, that fee’s in
And a bouncer best let my team in
Or manna get dark for no reason
I’ll get dark before evening
Got every right to hate on a kid
Gettin’ it grind, I was raised in the bits
Everest peak if I say what I did
Won’t ever rest ’till I’m the greatest to live
I’ve been working on my shit
Tryna get that rich
Work (work) need a bitch like Iggy on my list (shit)
I got a thing for blondes, I guess what really takes the piss
Is that I’m in a position now where I can take my pick

(They said they wanted more) x4
(They got more) x4

(Shackles) x4


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