christian Rap lyrics

Christian Rap Lyrics

Christian Rap Lyrics

[Verse: 1]
Uh, when I half-cock my pen
Thoughts are already runnin’ through my head
When I put my pen to that pad
You know things oughta be bad in my life
Satan and I gotta little strife
(A 24/7 battle)
I’ve been goin’ through this struggle since before I was born
I all started when Eve and Adam ate that fruit, why else would they call it an
(Adams Apple)
It just feels like my heart has been torn apart
Why is this happening? I don’t get it!
Little did I know this was just the beginnin’
I know You
You know me
We know it
Satan’s our biggest opponent
You always were there
And I never did know it
I always was scared
But never did show it
When it came to you I always did blow it
Livin’ in the moment
Then I saw You in the dark and the light surely was glowin’

[Verse: 2]
I’m spittin’ Your holy word like an AK
It’s amazin’
You showed me the light!
It’s a miracle, I didn’t know I could be this spiritual
While i’m ridin’ around on my skateboard
With my hat turned sideways lookin’ like a skate dork
Goin’ from door to door with my spiritual sword
Expressin’ Jesus to the world

[Verse: 3]
But before all that
I looked down at my tat
And I remember when
He stepped in
Exposed to me my sin
And then I looked in
The mirror
Didn’t recognize that ugly face
That was when the Lord showed me grace
Then I bend down to tie my lace
And I realize I need to slow the pace
I hear a voice in the back of my head and it said
“Trust Me, believe in Me, through Me all things are possible”
Oh snap! This must be the Trinity
Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Oh God!
(You’ve gotta be kidding me!
That ain’t plausible! That ain’t understandable!)
Maybe it isn’t meant to be understood
Maybe it’s just meant to be good
Cuz when we go up there it’s gonna be great
A world with no hate
I just want a lil taste
But for now, i’m good down here to spread the word
To all those who don’t believe, they need Jesus man
And we know the King
So let’s show them our biblical order
Before they leave and face their eternal punishment in Hell



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